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Seeing your side of the moon

In the early noughties a furore broke out over a very important social issue: that of the ‘T’ of a g-string being visible when its female wearers bent down or sat in public.

I’m not sure what happened for the storm to have died down, but it may have something to do with g-strings losing favour with the fashionistas over time. Perhaps the feeling of a permanent wedgie convinced them to return to normal underwear.

A young man who passed through my checkout this afternoon made me think of a Chaser’s episode wherein one of the Chasers dressed up as a council official and targeted men whose underwear was showing above their waistband. Offenders were measured for the number of inches that were exposed and given fines.

I had yet to serve anyone who wore their underwear as outerwear, and in this instance I don’t think the person was aware they were doing so. Or maybe they were just lulled into such a state of relaxedness by the comfort of wearing their pants like they did that they didn’t grasp my little quip.

The blonde youngin was nice enough, and he grinned at me on approach. I said hi, took in the union jack above his waistband and joked, ‘Ah, showing your Australian colours, are you?’ and his grin half faltered into an expression of puzzlement.

I didn’t bother to use less subtlety in pointing out the three inches he was exposing of his boxers.

When he was gone, I turned to the checkout girl behind me and asked if she noticed Mr. Australian flag undies. She hadn’t, so I gave her a rehash of the previous two minute’s events. Interestingly, she told me that it’s now illegal to show that much of your underwear in public. I wasn’t sure whether to believe it or not, but I recounted the Chaser’s episode and said that I thought the fellas were just having a go, that I didn’t think the “offence” had been made into law.

Apparently, so, according to her. Now, I’m just wondering, if they’ve outlawed the indecent exposure of underwear, will the plumber’s crack be next?

Watch your back! Or better yet, your behind.